Kickboxing Classes near Gresham

Beast Mode Fitness offers kickboxing classes near Gresham that are fantastic alternatives to traditional workouts. We’ve been teaching our classes since 2017 at our gym located in Vancouver, WA. Our experience in recent years has allowed us to grow and develop this program. We’ve created a workout that’s challenging while still being fun to help our members avoid the mundanity of regular lifting and exercise sessions.

Our team, led by owners Kari and Todd Hurt, are certified trainers who are also experienced in teaching kickboxing. They know how to design sessions that will be fun and keep you coming back, but they’ll also make you sweat and push toward your fitness goals. The best part about our classes is that they won’t feel like some obligation—you’ll want to come back every time because we create an enjoyable experience that will give you the results you want.

Our kickboxing classes are noncombative, so no need to worry about actually going against someone. Our classes are designed for everyone: men and women with any range of kickboxing and workout experience. We even have a youth class for kids 5–12 to help them learn good exercise habits as well.

There’s no need to seriously commit at first if you don’t want to. You can try one of our trial options to see if we’re a good fit. The one-week trial is free and allows for unlimited sessions. The 30-day trial has a charge of $124.99 and includes unlimited classes and a pair of boxing gloves, which you’ll need to participate. The trial periods allow you to see if you really like this activity and to interact with our fantastic community in fun events and challenges. We’re sure you’ll want to return for more.

Get in contact with us today to learn more about kickboxing near Gresham and how you can get started. We are happy to guide you in this new process, and we’re here to encourage you along your path of good health. Start your transformation journey today.

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