Kickboxing Classes in Camas

Beast Mode Fitness is the place to go for your next workout if you’re near Vancouver, WA. Our kickboxing classes in Camas are fun and exciting new exercise options. After starting in 2017, we’ve been able to grow and develop our methods to be effective and to help our members avoid the burnout that we’ve always found happens with traditional workout methods and classes. We strive to create classes that are challenging, fun, and a positive force to improve your health.

Our certified trainers know how to effectively get you into shape through kickboxing. The sessions are designed to challenge you and keep your heart rate up. We want you to really break a sweat so that you can move toward your goals. Our classes won’t feel like hassles you have to do but rather something you really enjoy and look forward to. You’ll keep coming back because the process is enjoyable—and because the results will speak for themselves.

This is kickboxing, but it’s noncombative. Classes are open to men and women of all experience levels. We also have classes for kids ages 5–12, so they can learn how important taking care of their physical health is, too.

Maybe you’re intrigued by our kickboxing classes but not so sure they’re for you. We have trial periods just for you for either a week or a month. Our completely free one-week trial offers unlimited classes. The 30-day trial runs for $124.99, which gets you unlimited classes with no commitment and a pair of boxing gloves that you’ll need for the classes. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with and experience our passionate community as you get a feel for this style of workout class. Our events and challenges are sure to draw you back for more in the future.

Contact us today to get more information on our kickboxing classes in Camas. We are happy to guide you through the process as you get into a challenging and fun exercise routine. Begin your transformation journey today.

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