Roundhouses for Ukraine, Next 6 Week Challenge, Self Defense Seminar and much more!

Mar 29, 2022

 by Kari Hart

Happy Spring Kickboxers!

The air is finally less grey and feeling fresher and we have SO MUCH happening in our studio in April which we are so excited about! 


My first topic of discussion today is weighing very heavy on my heart.  As I reflect on what I am calling "the slap heard around the world" which I witnessed broadcasted via the Oscars, I can't help but be truly devastated that this event has gained such massive attention over the atrocities happening over in the Ukraine.  The Oscars was the prime avenue for communication and action for this horrible world event and the discussion was basically non-existent.  This room was stock full of wealthy people with tons of influence and all anyone can talk about is Will Smith's abhorrent behavior.   It is truly sickening.

Our beloved community at our studio is but one very tiny dot on the map but we feel we need to make a small but mighty support to this cause.  For the month of April, we will be using our progression of the month which is Roundhouse Kicks to make a donation to  This amazing non-profit sends one of the highest percentages of donations directly to the causes they are supporting.  Beast Mode Fitness will donate one penny for every roundhouse kick this month to this wonderful organization.  Our goal is 150,000 kicks equaling a $1500 donation.  We will also have a jar on the desk for any other donations our community wish to make.    Please keep #Ukraine in your thoughts and give to any organization supporting their citizens if you are able.

On to more cheery news!  Our next 6 Week Challenge is kicking off April 23!  If you are looking to lose 20lbs/5% body fat, I encourage you to reach out for a conversation about our program!  Our amazing challengers lost a collective 366 lbs in January's challenge!  This is a true transformation program with before/after photos, accountability with a coach, meal plan, and our awesomely fun KICKBOXING Classes!   It is meant for all people no matter size, shape and ability.  Most people walking through our doors have never kickboxed before. We are here for you!  If you have questions about our program just SCHEDULE a time to chat, we are happy to give you all the details!


Put it on your calendars! MAY 14 Beast Mode Fitness will be holding our first ever Women's Self Defense Seminar!  Women 16 and older are welcome to join member or not!  Lead but our own Jimmy-Jumpkick - world class 3rd degree black belt - he will be covering all kinds of techniques and knowledge for women to protect themselves if ever attacked.   We will be getting up close and personal with our practices so we encourage you to bring a friend you know well to get the most out of the seminar.  This will be held in our studio from 4-6pm.  Register HERE to secure your spot, space is limited!


Lastly - we invite you to run with us for the RUGGED MANIAC race at Portland International Raceway July 2!  Our instructor team will be running at 9:15am!  Register online and join the Beast Mode Fitness team! Let's have a muddy good time together! 


Ooh! One more!  April is our Birthday Month!   Thank you everyone for 5 years of FAMILY in our amazing little business! Past, present and future kickboxers, we love you all and thank you for supporting us through everything thick and thin!


As always no matter what your avenue of fitness is, we wish you sucess working towards your goals. Let us know if we can help you in any way!

Yours in health,

Kari Hart


Beast Mode Fitness