Personal Training and Custom Nutrition now available!

Jan 4, 2022

 by Kari Hart

Ho boy howdy!  Only four days into the new year and we have two exciting additions to our program!


We hope you all had a fantastic new year and are ready to slay those fitness goals in 2022!  Our heads are spinning around here with the posibilities of helping as many people as possible have tons of fun, burn buckets of calories and have get some fantastic results this year!  Are you ready to commit yourself to creating a new you? We are here to help!


January 22 kicks off our next round of our transformation challenge! This is normally a 6 week program but there are HUGE cash prizes up for grabs this time around so we are extending it to a full 8 weeks!  Best before and after transformations could win over $5000 in prizes! (Hey, this could even be more $$, just waiting to hear for sure!) Want to find out more? CLICK HERE

Now, on to even more exciting news!

Now, we have always been here to help with nutrition the best we are able and have quite a bit of knowledge... but we have never been able to give advice at the level a certified nutritionist can.
We are so excited to be partnering with Stephanie Maxon, nutritionist extrodinaire!  We are partnering with Stephanie and her extensive knowledge to create custom meal plans for our clients when requested!  She is offering custom one week and 6 week plans for our customers seeking help with their nutrition needs and challenges!  This is an exellent addition to our transformation challenge for anyone who just can't with making meal plans and organizing the groceries. Stephanie can take all the work and stress away!  She includes plans, instructions on preperation, grocerie list, and even more!   Ask our staff for more details!

For those of you looking to up your kickboxing skills, improve your strength, and push past what you feel you are able to do on your own, we also now have Personal Training available!
Jumpkick-Jimmy is a 3rd degree black belt, certified personal trainer, boxing coach and all around badass (and super nice guy)!  He will help you train like a real kickboxer and get a sweat on like never before!  

Bareknuckle Bri is also a certified trainer, body competition champ and super knowledgeble at how to mold and transform that physique. Don't let her small stature fool you, this girl is the real deal! 


If we can help you reach you goals in 2022 in any way, please reach out, we are here for you 100%!

See you on the mat!