Class Additions in 2022!

Dec 17, 2021

 by Kari Hart


Beast Mode Fitness 2022  - Class updates


Happy Holidays everyone! I hope this message is finding you healthy and happy this season! 

I find one of the hardest parts about owning a fitness business (besides navigating through a pandemic that doesn't seem to have an end) Is spreading the word of all the happenings going on inside our amazing little studio.There is so much about our program I wish so badly for people to hear and understand: what an amazing staff I have, how effective our program is, how we support you in developing healthy habits and help hold you accountable, program additions that may make someone say "today is the day to change my life and try kickboxing".  

Being very low on the techie totem pole and realizing Facebook groups isnt the communication overlord it used to be, I recently noticed a section of our website in which I am able to add blog posts to our website.  (Hey- I'm old, don't judge me)  There are many of you looking at every day, I hope this means of communication is helpful and will reach many people looking for a home in a new fit fam, as well relaying information to our current beastly family members.  

First off, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your amazing donations for the Tree Wish Tag program for Share House Vancouver. We had a huge pile of donations and we are so proud of our community for giving to those in need this season. We delivered your gifts to Share House as a team and we are very grateful for your support to this important organization. You can find out more about them HERE. 


BEGINNING January 3 of 2022:  
We know you have been asking for some other class time options,  it has been difficult to accomodate this year with class sizes and staffing. I am SO VERY HAPPY to say we are once again fully staffed with an incredible team of coaches!  After the New Year, we will be adding these regular kickboxing classes:
Monday 7:45pm
Tuesday - 12:00pm 
Sunday - 9:00am 


We are also SUPER excited to be adding ADVANCED KICKBOXING with Jimmy Jump-kick!
Tuesday 9:30am and Wednesday 4:45pm

If you haven't met him yet, James is a 3rd degree blackbelt and used to teach his own flavor of kickboxing fitness at the Tigard studio.  We are so excited to have him in VanCam with us showing everyone his type of awesomeness and really adding a nice variety of classes to our program! 

ALSO BEGINNING IN JANUARY:  The official return of the BADASS CLUB!   Want to know more? All you have to do is show up for 12 or more classes in one month and you will find out what the badass club is all about!

COMING SOON:  Personal Training!  We will be announcing this very soon! Interested in sweating it out one on one with help on kickboxing technique?  Maybe you want a good booty booster with a kettlebell workout! We will have these available for you very soon! Stay tuned!


In closing out 2021, I just want to give a great big THANK YOU to every single one of our fit family past and present for sticking with us through thick and thin. We would not still be here without you. Please continue to support small businesses this holiday season. We are still not out of the ecomomic desaster Covid has left many of us in, your ongoing support is so important. Continue to support causes you believe in and keep being the wonderful, kind, amazing beasts you all are.  See you on the mat.

Kari Hart


Beast Mode Fitness, Vancouver