Beast Mode Fitness been serving the Vancouver/Camas area with a commitment to health and fitness since 2017. We utilize the very best the fitness giant has to offer while adhering to a strict set of personal and professional values. Though we love to provide a fun and even rowdy environment for our members, we are exceptionally serious about our commitment to service.


Since its beginnings, the Beast Mode model has always been geared to give everyone a fun, butt-bustin’, fat-burnin’ way to get fit and healthy. It turned out that, as a whole, we’re not necessarily a lazy bunch, we just get bored with the traditional gym workout fairly quickly. Beast Mode created an alternative to the mundane group class, giving those who secretly envy others who get to punch and kick things on a regular basis a safe and non-combative outlet that just happens to be a great workout.
Led by owners Kari and Todd Hart, Vancouver’s Beast Mode team has helped us to become recognized with a nomination among the Best of Clark County. Within less than two years, we have grown to be one of the most trusted and respected fitness class providers in the area. Welcoming men and women of all ages, backgrounds, fitness levels, and abilities, we strive to offer a fun and dynamic workout that empowers each individual to reach their personal fitness goals.

We invite you to give us a shot. Contact our team now to discover the punch a great workout delivers. We promise personalized care with a smile.

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