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Kickboxing Fitness Classes in Vancouver, WA

One TWO weeks of unlimited classes for $39.99

- Includes Boxing gloves!

Led by a certified trainer specifically skilled in kickboxing techniques, each of our kickboxing fitness classes promises to get to the core of what your body really needs. It needs to sweat. It needs to work. It needs to have fun.

Beast Mode Fitness began in the Vancouver, WA, area in 2017. We wanted to provide an alternative to traditional training and workout plans, because we just always got bored with them. We wanted something engaging and exciting. And we wanted something that would actually help people learn how to build commitments to their health. We are happy to be able to provide all of this with our kickboxing fitness classes.

Giving you a gritty, engaging alternative to boring fitness classes, Vancouver’s Beast Mode Fitness combines proper kickboxing techniques and fundamentals of fitness. You deserve to have fun while sweating and channeling that powerful being in you. Structured to give you all the benefits of cardio, strength, and core training, Beast Mode Fitness classes address each aspect of health and fitness in a hard-core and motivating way.

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The staff was so friendly and motivating. I felt supported by staff and my other team mates . I am absolutely in a much better place physically and mentally than I was 6 weeks ago .

Tobie H

I have done six weeks challenge, it was amazing experience, I have lost bunch of weight and toned up. I feel so much better and my self confidence is great. All of the instructors are amazing it feels like you are working with a personal trainer, they are very encouraging and pushing you to do your best, very motivating. I have decided to join as member and continue getting healthier. I would highly recommend the studio to anybody that wants to challenge themselves and have fun.

Mirela K

What a great community to be part of! I really enjoy the classes and the instructors. The work outs are great and everyone is so encouraging. I’m really glad that I joined! They have fun events and competitions as well. Everyone has been just so friendly and welcoming. I am always looking forward to days that I can make it in. You really work out every part of your body and they incorporate stretching and HIT training into each class for a total workout.

Chelsea s

I participated in the six week challenge and it was amazing! The coaches are very motivational and work with you do to help you do your best. The workouts were amazing and really helped add muscle tone and I lost 25 pounds!!! This is a caring, supporting, uplifting, and overall awesome group of instructors! I loved it!

Hollie V


1825 SE 164th Ave. Suite 120 Vancouver, Washington 98683