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Kickboxing Classes in Vancouver, WA

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Led by a certified trainer specifically skilled in kickboxing techniques, each of our Vancouver, Washington–based kickboxing classes promises to get to the core of what your body really needs. It needs to sweat. It needs to work. It needs to have fun.

Giving you a gritty, engaging alternative to boring fitness classes, Vancouver’s Beast Mode Fitness combines proper kickboxing techniques and fundamentals of fitness. You deserve to have fun while sweating and channeling that powerful being in you. Structured to give you all the benefits of cardio, strength, and core training, Beast Mode kickboxing classes address each aspect of health and fitness in a hard-core and motivating way.

$39.99 includes one awesome new pair of boxing gloves to start things off right!  Come to as many classes as you like for 14 days. We promise to show you a good time and give you a GREAT workout!

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